Error loading in pyinstaller packaging

Error loading “\site-packages\torch\lib\caffe2_ detectron_ ops_ gpu.dll“ or one of its dependencies.

I was tortured by this error when packing. I found various reasons on the Internet. Some people said that there was no Intel OpenMP package in the environment, and others said that there was no cudnn64 in system32_ 7. DLL, others say that the python version in the environment is low and the python version is high… Anyway, I’ve tried many methods, but they’re not very good. But I haven’t tried the last version of Python and python because it’s too troublesome.

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Similar to the above problems that can’t be found, you can solve them by modifying the. Spec
for example, caffe2_ detectron_ ops_ Gpu.dll, I solved the problem by adding Intel OpenMP to hiddenimports
when online solutions are not suitable for you, you’d better read the official documents. Many problems can be solved by writing. Spec files.

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