ERROR in static/js/app.xxxxxxx.js from UglifyJs Unexpected token: operator (>)

vue family barrel USES the vue-qrcode-directive component to generate the two-dimensional code in the project. There is no error in using NPM run dev in the development process. To NPM run build packaging ERROR, such as the ERROR in the static/js/app f1ecb9a5673e78cc442b. Js from UglifyJs Unexpected token: operator (& gt;) [./~/_vue – [email protected] @ vue – qrcode – directive/index, js: 4, 0] [static/js/app. F1ecb9a5673e78cc442b. Js: 17412]

analysis reason :
weback default webpack. Optimize. UglifyJsPlugin cannot compress es6 code files. Along the way, we can simply convert es6 code to ES5 using Babel.
the reason must still be on webpack.config.js. After repeated observations. The problem occurred in the loader configuration, where an item was configured for js file transformation.

solution : (the same problem occurs in _quill-image-drop-module, _vue-qrcode-directive)

module: {
  rules: [
        test: /\.js$/,
        loader: "babel-loader",
        include: [
            "node_modules/[email protected]@quill-image-drop-module"
            "node_modules/[email protected]@vue-qrcode-directive"

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