Error in ODBC connection of Dameng database, [ISQL] error: could not SQLConnect

In the process of learning Dameng database, install ODBC driver process record.
Operating system environment: Qilin 6.0 server

1. UNIX ODBC installation
tar – xzvf UNIX odbc-2.3.0 tar.gz
CD unixodbc-2.3.0
./configure — enable GUI = no
make install
all the way down OK, there are two configuration files for ODBC configuration ODBC.ini and odbcinst.ini By default, you can log in and edit in/usr/local/etc
root user, as shown in the figure:

3. Test the ODBC connection
Su – dmdba
execute ISQL Dm7
report an error, [ISQL] error: could not SQLConnect

in order to see the cause of the error, execute ISQL – V Dm7, prompt:

according to the cause of the error, guess that there is an error in the configuration file. After careful inspection, it is found that:

after the problem is solved, execute ISQL Dm7, the correct result comes out:

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