Error: DL failure on line 893 [How to Solve]

In the centos system, after installing jdk-8u60- linux- i586.tar.gz, after configuring the java environment variables in .bash_profile and /etc/profile, restart the server, enter java, and the error message is displayed;

Error: dl failure on line 893
Error: failed /usr/local/java/jdk1.8.0_60/jre/lib/i386/client/, because /usr/local/java/jdk1.8.0_60/jre/lib/i386/client/ cannot restore segment prot after reloc: Permission denied

This is caused by the security mechanism of selinux. To edit the configuration file of selinux, the command is: vim /etc/selinux/config, modify SELINUX=enforcing to SELINUX=disabled reboot the server, and then check it again, and it will be OK.

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