Error BC: command not found when git bash runs shell script


1. Problem Description: 2. Error reporting reason: 3. Solution:

1. Problem Description:

Under Windows system, an error occurs when running shell script with git bash:

bc: command not found

2. Error reporting reason:

Git is missing the BC module, and git cannot directly install the BC module

3. Solution:

By downloading msys2, download the BC package in msys2 and copy it to git
specific steps:
(1) install msys2 and download the address
(2) After installation, open the msys2 shell and install BC with the following command

pacman -S bc

(3) Go to the msys64 \ usr \ bin folder under the msys2 installation directory and find bc.exe
(4) copy the bc.exe file to the GIT \ usr \ bin folder under the GIT installation directory
re run the shell script in Git bash, and there will be no BC: command not found error.

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