Shell script: syntax error: bad for loop variable error resolution

A simple shell script is written in Linux Mint, using for.. do.. Done 1+2+3…… +100 value, the result of “SH-n XXx. sh” syntax detection is always wrong, but can run normally on PC;


export PATH
read -p "Please input a num " num
for ((a=0; a<=$num; a++))
sum=$(($sum + $a))
echo "the sum is ==> $sum"
exit 0

The errors are as follows:

Syntax error: Bad for loop variable

Since ubuntu 6.10, ubuntu has replaced the previous default bash shell with the dash shell; This appears as the /bin/sh link inverted /bin/dash instead of the traditional /bin/bash.

allen@allen-lql ~/workspace/script $ ls -l /bin/sh
lrwxrwxrwx 1 root root 4 Aug 12 14:29 /bin/sh -> dash

So when using SH to perform the detection, dash is actually used, and DASH does not support this C-format for loop writing.

1, change the default shell to bash. (Bash supports for loop in C format)

sudo dpkg-reconfigure dash

choose No

2. Use bash detection directly:

bash -n

3. To ensure the portability of shell scripts, directly change shell scripts and use the for loop format supported by the shell:

for a in `seq $num`

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