{“errcode“:40125,“errmsg“:“invalid appsecret, view more at http:\/\/t.cn\/RAEkdVq rid: 60d999f2-3ad5

1 question

{“errcode”:40125,“errmsg”:“invalid appsecret, view more at http://t.cn/RAEkdVq rid: 60d999f2-3ad58b98-4b237e0d”}

2 reasons

    the wechat appsecret set in the code is inconsistent with the wechat open platform. You need to check and correct it by comparing the wechat open platform with the appsecret in the code. Because the secret key is invalid, if the secret key does not log in for a long time, it will be reset automatically

    3 solutions

    Reset the secret key and replace it with the reset one

    4 Communication

    If you have other communication ideas, you can add the technology group I created: 820080257

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