EnvironmentError:mysql config not found

MySQL for Python Library in Python is equivalent to the jdbc driver corresponding to MySQL in Java

1. Install MySQL first

sudo apt-get install mysql-server


2. Install MySQL Python

Download mysql-python-1.2.3.tar.gz (see the attachment) and unzip it to the specified directory.

Compile and configure MySQL Python in the decompressed mysql-python-1.2.3 directory

python setup.py build

At this time, the system reports an error: environmenterror: MySQL_ config not found

Obviously there is no mysql_ Configure this file

Execute find/- name MySQL_ Config, there is no data, indicating that there is no MySQL in the system_ Configure this file



Someone on the Internet explained that MySQL installed with apt get does not have mysql_ Config is the name of this file


(1) Ubuntu next

Execute sudo apt get install libmysqld dev

(2) Fedora next

Execute sudo Yum install Python devel

If it appears: my_ Config. H: without that file or directory, execute: sudo Yum install MySQL devel

Note: Yum is also written in Python, and/usr/bin/Python is called by default. This is the python that comes with the system itself. You can install it in/usr/local/bin/python, so you’d better not uninstall the python that comes with the system. The python you download doesn’t have the yum module.


Execute at this time   find/-name mysql_ Config found this file under/usr/bin /

Then modify the site.cfg file in the mysql-python-1.2.3 directory

Remove MySQL_ Config = XXX and change to MySQL_ config=/usr/bin/mysql_ Config (in MySQL)_ The directory on the machine where the config file is located shall prevail.)

Execute the following command to compile and install successfully:

python setup.py build

python setup.py install


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