ECCV 2020 panoramic segmentation papers (2 papers)

The official series of Computer Vision Daily organized the large-scale inventory work of ECCV 2020
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2020 target detection ECCV paper large inventory (49 papers) ECCV 2020 semantic segmentation large inventory (article 37) [ECCV paper 2020 instance segmentation paper inventory (12 paper) (
This paper mainly includes: panoramic segmentation and other directions. Two papers have been sorted out, and the PDF of all papers have been packaged. Baidu cloud resources are as follows:

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Panoramic segmentation
Joint Semantic Instance Segmentation on Graphs with the Semantic Mutex Watershed

Author units: Heidelberg university paper: code: no Chinese reading: no
Axial-DeepLab: Stand-Alone Axial-Attention for Panoptic Segmentation
Author unit: Johns Hopkins university, Google paper: code: in Chinese reading: no
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