Docker run failed with the following error in logs, standard_ init_ linux.go:211 : exec user process caused “exec format error“

Standard_init_linux. go:211: exec User Process caused “exEC Format Error”
The paper
This problem is encountered in the secondary DockerUI project on the board, which adopts arm7L architecture. The image is based on the Centos Docker build of X86_64, and then the image is packaged into a tar file by Docker Save, and then the image is extracted from the tar file compressed by Docker Load. The image transfer itself is not a problem, and multiple operations have been performed prior to this.
displays the container exit status when docker runs, and docker logs, the container, will report the above error. The reason is that the arch architecture is different, which will affect the docker build image.

1. Pull the official mirror, still report the same error.
2 search this image in dockerhub, sure enough, found a clue, as shown in the red box in the figure below:

Problem location
1. Problems on baidu generally point to entrypoint in dockerfile. I did not encounter various shell
2 and coding problems, because my project is pure CSS +js+ HTML. Finding the root of the problem on Google is that ARCH is different.
now that the root cause of the problem has been found, it is easy to handle, just need to rebuild docker build on the current arch Linux.
While e sometimes it feels like solving a case, follow the clues to find the root of the problem and solve it. The process was painful, but the results were pretty good.

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