Convert Tencent video QLV format to MP4 format

QLV format video is not so easy to deal with, it seems to be an encryption format, trying to change. QLV to. MP4 or. Flv is useless, using format factory and other conversion software conversion is not recognized at all. But this does not mean that there is no way. In fact, the real way is not to use any tools

1, we want to show hidden files. In the computer folder option, display the hidden files, folders and drives; 2. Enter the program cache folder of the video, and under the folder of “vodcache” hidden attribute, you can see many. TDL files, which are segmented files of the video; 3. In the search bar of Windows Start button, type “CMD”, confirm and enter, and enter e: Enter, and then enter the command “copy/b *. TDL 1. MP4” to merge these *. TDL files (the file name can be set by yourself), and you will soon get a MP4 format video file.

After testing, this MP4 file is an ordinary video file, which can play normally.

Copy/b *. TDL 1.mp4 there is space in the middle of the command here, which needs to be noted.

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