Causes and solutions of nm test o file format not recognized


        Recently, I wrote makefile,   Encountered the error nm: test. O: file format not recognized. Let’s see:


void output();


#include <stdio.h>#include "test.h"void output(){ printf("c is good\n");}


xxxxxx:~/mkfile> g++ -c test.cpp test.h -o test.oxxxxxx:~/mkfile> nm test.onm: test.o: File format not recognizedxxxxxx:~/mkfile>

          Strange, isn’t it?The reason is that there are too many test. H files. There is no need at all. The compiler will find them automatically as long as you specify the directory.   If you change the order of test. H and test. CPP, you will be prompted:

xxxxxx:~/mkfile> g++ -c test.h test.cpp -o test.og++: cannot specify -o with -c or -S with multiple filesxxxxxx:~/mkfile> 

          We have already said that.

          It seems that when there is – O, you can go to – C to specify multiple files, which is a huge pit.


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