Class ‘PHPWord_Writer_Word2003‘ not found

Error in using PHPword to generate word:
Fatal error: Uncaught error: Class ‘PHPWord_Writer_Word2003’ not found in D:\ phpStudy_Pro \WWW\newword\ phpWord \ phpWord \ iofactory.php :110 Stack trace: #0 D:\ phpStudy_Pro \WWW\newword\ DEMO (132): PHPWord_IOFactory::createWriter(Object(PHPWord), ‘Word2003’) #1 {main} Thrown in D:\ phpStudy_Pro \WWW\newword\ PHPWord\ PHPWord\ PHPWord\ iofactory.php on line 110

The word version that should be used with you is concerned, I change Word2003 here 2007 can be used normally!

— — the END — —

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