AIX 11G Rac Startup Error: CLSU-00100,CLSU-00101,CLSU-00103,CLSU-00104,CRS-4000

During the test, the database of Aix small computer and Oracle 11g Rac is cloned to a new server, and the original disk group is remounted with the same disk number and sequence, An error is reported when starting has:
clsu-00100: operating system function: opendir failed with error data: 1
clsu-00101: operating system error message: nosuch file or directory
clsu-00103: error location: scrsearch1
clsu-00104: additional error information: can open SCR home dir SCLS_ scr_ getval
CRS-4000: Command Start failed, or completed with errors.

It literally means the problem of the operating system. Check the IP address, hosts file, and host name to see if there is any problem.

Check the current GI installation host name (the host name will be recorded when grid is installed)
CD/etc/Oracle/SCLS_ scr/
[ [email protected] scls_ SCR] $LS
current host name
$host name

Confirm that the host name has been modified. Other ways on the Internet say that has and grid need to be reconfigured.
after looking at the process, it’s rather cumbersome. Anyway, the host is cloned. Sima is a live doctor. He directly asks his colleagues in the host group to modify the host name and IP address. After confirming that there is no problem with the hosts content, restart the system and start the cluster and database again. OK

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