A yellow warning appears on the pagecontroller page in PHP! ! ! !

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On the problem of error reporting in Pagecontroller in PHP
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looks just like me a lot of people started just dumb to find why the error, but this is not a mistake, page controller is running, just no display in the current page, so there will be prompted to alert, so you need to add url address behind you to display the page address (the name of the PHP file)

and error before the url is:

did not report an error when it was opened for the first time, but when it was opened again the next day, I do not know how to report an error. Moreover, it was an error in the source code.
this error probably speak pathinfo is not open, online a lot of code is said to modify the PHP ini file configuration inside, but I was configured also not the last line error, finally it is helpless, can only reinstall warmserver, the import pagecontroller, but still no use, it’s helpless, had to once again to look for ways to solve the problem, and finally found that there is no creation page, really sick…
the first step is to locate the php.ini file,e… I didn’t know where to start, because there were so many directories that I couldn’t find them, and then I started searching the Internet for where the files were. So there are still a lot of detours in the beginning of a language, and these detours are also another kind of learning of the language.

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