Yum error: cannot retrieve repository metadata( repomd.xml )For repository solution

The Cannot Retrieve Repository metadata (repomd.xml) for Repository solution

Use network monitoring software Cacti to detect the traffic of a server using SNMP service! I ran the command Yum-y install net-SNMP as usual and the results came up with some error messages! Repository metadata (repomd.xml) for Repository Is not possible.
The solution is as follows:

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The code is as follows:

# cd /etc/


Find. Yum repos. D. this directory, a file inside a zl. ‘(your machine may not be the name, the name should be customized), vi baseurl=http://centos.ustc.edu.cn/centos/5/os/i386/ compile the inside address

Then #yum Clean All
After that: Yum-y install net-SNMP will install it!

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