Win10 System migrate and restart error 0xc000000e [How to Solve]


When migrating (cloning) the system to a new SSD and using the DiskGenius tool to complete the system migration, the last step reports an error, “Error in starting update parameters.”. When using a new solid state startup, the error 0xc000000e is reported.


Microsoft Windows [Version 10.0.19043.2006] Microsoft DiskPart Version 10.0.19041.964


Prepare a removable storage disk (U disk, removable hard disk, pssd) with the official Win10 system installation media.


  1. Insert a new solid state into the motherboard
  2. When booting, use the Win10 installation media disk as the boot disk, select “Repair Windows” and find the “Command Prompt”.
  3. Go to diskpart to get the disk letter and disk ID
      1. List the attached disks, obtain the disk number of the system file, and record it as N (Number)
DISKPART> list disk

View the volume list, obtain the drive letter of the system file, mark it as C (Char)

Select the disk, and obtain the disk ID

DISKPART> select disk N
DISKPART> uniqueid disk

N is the disk number mentioned above

Exit diskpart


If you cannot exit by typing exit on the command line, use Ctrl+c

Reassign the disk ID corresponding to the drive letter

bcdboot c:\windows /l zh-cn
bcdboot c:\windows /m {73B9D7DD-59F7-4483-8B77-EED47E457C18}

C is the drive letter C mentioned above

{73B9D7DD-59F7-4483-8B77-EED47E457C18} is the disk ID mentioned above

Close the command prompt and restart

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