Wechat payment API V3 payment notice asynchronous signature verification failed

WeChat payment V3 asynchronous check failed
Here we receive parameters (message body) generally through the framework of the built-in request.
TP6: $this-> request-> param();
if you use the receive mode in here to convert the json attestation will fail.
We need to use the native receive method: file_get_contents(‘ PHP ://input ‘);
directly take the data after receiving the signature verification.

public function verifySign()
        $timestamp = "Timestamp in header header";
        $nonce = "random string in header header";
        $signature = "signature in header header";
        $certZs = "Platform certificate";//        $data = $this->request->param();
        $data = file_get_contents('php://input');

        $message = "$timestamp\n$nonce\n$data\n";

        //Verify signature

        if (!$this->verify($message, $signature, $certZs)) {
            throw new \Exception('Failed visa check', 123456);

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