Visual studio console program output window flashed by

Write at the front:
This blog post introduces a little annoying problem solving that isn’t a bug. Programming with Visual Studio often uses the console output window, but there is always a situation where the window flashes past and it is difficult to see the output of the program. Here, I write a blog post to record it, so as not to forget or make similar mistakes in the same type of problem.
1. In the last line of the program, return 0, add system(” pause “) or getchar(); It solves some problems, which I often do when I do some OJ tests in order to test in my IDE;
2. Don’t Press F5 to run the program, Ctrl + F5 instead, a window will be displayed like this: “Press any key tocontinue…” The words. The reason is that F5 is in Debugging mode, while CTRL +F5 is in Start Without Debugging mode. I found this on the Internet. Can really solve the problem, but their lack of practical theoretical knowledge to support, so in the future to read a lot of attention to the process.

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