Undefined index: name error in composer [How to Solve]

I made this mistake when:

Laravel version 5.8, need to introduce tcpdf, in the run

composer require tecnickcom/tcpdf

I found two answers, both of which were caused by the composer upgrade, but I don’t remember that I was promoted. I learned from one of the methods and successfully introduced the tcpdf extension. Now I integrate the two methods:

1. Change the source code

Positioning error:


122 line prompt does not have the key name, according to the code prompt to find


Of   Mapwithkeys method. Add a compatible method to cover the original method

 public function mapWithKeys(callable $callback)
        $result = [];
        $item = $this->items;
            $item = $item['packages'];
        foreach ($item as $key => $value) {
            $assoc = $callback($value, $key);
            foreach ($assoc as $mapKey => $mapValue) {
                $result[$mapKey] = $mapValue;
        return new static($result);

2. Composer level

# composer Downgrade (if you can't downgrade, you can try to run with root privileges)
composer self-update --1
# Re-install and It's Done!!!
composer install 

The above two methods are effective

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