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Windows 7: How to Solve startup error: ERROR 0199

Windows 7 system startup error

ERROR 0199:System Security-IBM Security password retry count exceded。

Solution: Press F1 to enter Bois, then press F9 to load the default value, press F10 to save and exit, and the system will restart normally.

Note: please check the corresponding commands of the corresponding model for specific access to BIOS.

register ASP.NET An error has occurred: 0x8007b799

A common problem in IIS 7.5 in Windows 7. If you want to re register IIS after installing vs, the following problems will occur

win7 permission control is really disgusting, so sometimes permission problems occur when running commands in the CMD window:

C:/Windows/Microsoft.NET/Framework/v4.0.30319> aspnet_ regiis  - i  

An   error has occurred:0x8007b799  

You   must have administrative rights on   this   machine   in   order to run   this   tool.

Solution: run cmd.exe as an administrator, enter CMD in the search, find cmd.exe, and run it as an administrator.

[solved] runtimeerror: module compiled against API version 0xc but this version of numpy is 0xb

This article records the solutions for bloggers to report errors in Import torch in Python. Updated on March 20, 2019.

This error is due to the current version of numpy does not meet the requirements.

First, run on the terminal:

import numpy

View the current version of numpy. Run after

pip3 install –upgrade numpy

Just update the numpy version. If it’s python2, use PIP .

More, welcome to the planet discussion.

Solve the problem that comdlg32.ocx, mscomm32.ocx and other controls cannot be registered under WIN7 64-bit system

Component ‘mscomCTL. OCX’ or one of its Dependencies not dependencies
Registered: a file is missing or invalid
This control ‘mscomCTL.ocx’ has not been registered properly: the file is missing
On the command line, type Regsvr32.exe
MSCOMCTL. Ocx, if you want to register, copy a MSCOMCTL. Ocx to the partition where the system is located on another computer
Under The Windows \ System32 folder, reregister
The following methods are for reference only:
1. Find the directory where you have msCOMM32.ocx on your computer
2. Then create a new text file called
1. TXT content:
Regsvr32 mscomm32. Ocx
3. Then rename the file to 1.bat
And then double-click to run the BAT

Download in the
After the folder, start

Run the input
“Regsvr32 mscomctl. Ocx”
Instead, the module is prompted to load,
But for
Failed to call,
Error code is
0 x8002810c
I checked the error code, but I still didn’t target it and used it during the session
Yeah, no
Additional questions:
It doesn’t work to de-register and re-register
I finally solved the problem by myself.
The original is not enough permissions.
You need to open the super administrator account,
And then into the super
The level administrator account is
Register, restart and solve the problem

First anti-register and then try to re-register!
Regsvr32 mscomctl. Ocx/u
Regsvr32 mscomctl. Ocx
To solve the
Windows 7 64
Unable to register under bit system
Control, etc
First make sure your
It’s administrator rights
Control, such as the Internet can be searched
And the
In the
Note: Administrator privileges are required
And start

The program

The attachment

Command prompt, right-click, and run as administrator
Regsvr32 c: \ Windows \ SysWOW64 \ comdlg32 ocx
(Corresponding control name)
DllRegisterServer in C: \ WINDOWS \ SysWOW64 \ comdlg32 ocx succeeded
That means the control was registered successfully,
You can use
Other need
Control of the program can also
In order to use.