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[Solved] Rstudio Error: Error in `vec_as_location()`: `…` must be empty.

In the process of running the dplyr package installation, you may be prompted with this error, and you can install it again

Error in `vec_as_location()`:
! `...` must be empty.
x Problematic argument:
* call = call
Run `rlang::last_error()` to see where the error occurred.



“Pandoc document conversion failed with error 1033” error message appears in rstudio knit

recently followed a course of data mining and machine learning in R language. While knitting to HTML, Rstudio was often buggy with

even when it was done more than one time

pandoc document conversion failed with error 1033

in the mind of mystery Debug, start trying Restart R, Restart RStudio, clear cache and other operations. Over time, however, none of these methods worked, and I had a vague feeling that a cache file conflict was causing the bug, but none of them worked.

there is no resistance in the browser search around the bug information, suddenly a brainwave:
Modify the file name of the.rmd file that needs to be converted

sure enough, this time there is no conflict, mystery debug success.