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Solution: ubantu has an internal error

This often happens when Ubuntu is turned on.



Ubuntu desktop version is pre installed with app, which is an error collection system. It collects software crashes, unhandled exceptions and other information, including program bugs, and generates crash reports for debugging purposes. When an application crashes or a bug occurs, the app will alert the user through a pop-up window and ask the user whether to submit a crash report

“Sorry, the application XXX has closed unexpectedly.”
“sorry, the application XXX has closed unexpectedly.”  
“Sorry, Ubuntu XX.XX Has experienced an internal error.
“sorry, Ubuntu XX.XX An internal error has occurred. ”
“system program problem detected.”
“system program problem detected.”

The actual situation is not that Ubuntu is prone to internal errors, but that once the program crashes once, a. Crash file will be generated to record the crash information, which is stored in the directory:


As long as you don’t deal with it, every time you turn on it, you will be prompted with an error. That is to say: the error report is not necessarily something wrong, but there have been errors, and you did not deal with them. Usually, go to the/var/crash/directory to view the crash file. If it’s not a big problem (usually no big problem), delete the crash file in the directory, and then no more errors will be reported.


Error report for permanently closing the app
to permanently close the app, edit/etc/default/APP and modify the following parameters


Restart your Ubuntu system, and the app will shut down automatically
if you never use it again, there is a simple way to remove it completely

$ sudo apt-get purge apport

Even if I removed the app directly, there was no problem.

JD GUI decompiles class file and reports internal error

Today, when decompiling a class file with JD GUI 1.4.0, we don’t see the decompilation result, only see the internal error, as shown in the following figure:

Google searched for it and found that it was in its official GitHub issue( https://github.com/java-decompiler/jd-gui/issues/197 )Luyten has a better tool for decompilation( https://github.com/deathmarine/Luyten )。

After downloading and using it, you can really open the class file that failed to decompile before.

Note: the following error occurred when using ﹣ luyten-0.5.3.exe:

The reasons may be as follows: my machine uses the non installation version of JDK 8, only specifies the path of JDK in the environment variable, and there is no JDK related information in the registry.

Solution: hold down the shift key, click the right mouse button, select “open command window here”, and enter: Java – jar luyten-0.5.3.exe in the open window

You can start Luyten normally.


Internal error 2203 C:\windows\Installer

Reference articles; http://blog.csdn.net/carolbaby/article/details/1440733
The following error message appeared today when installing the software:
Internal error 2203 C:\windows\installer\1bbe2ab.ipi
// Screenshot below

I found the reason, it turned out that there was a problem with the environment variable of the user I logged in to the system. Strangely enough, the environment variable was the same when I installed it before
In this case, TEMP=I:\ TMP=I:\ // I is the disk character name
Change them back to:
TEMP=%USERPROFILE%/Local Settings/Temp
TMP=%USERPROFILE%/Local Settings/Temp
// Screenshot below

It is not clear why this problem did not occur when the TEMP and TMP paths were changed.


VMware reported an error: “internal error” internal error

Online method:
1, services.msc check the service, check that all the services have been opened, this method is invalid; 2. Administrator rights to run vmware, same error, invalid;
3. Delete the most recent *.vmem file under the error declaring virtual machine (record the state of each snapshot and the state of each snapshot). Restart the virtual machine and you will be reminded to choose below the snapshot (I cannot find it). Click OK and the virtual system will restart normally. – The method succeeded.