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python: HTTP Error 505: HTTP Version Not Supported

The urlliB2 module of Python is used to obtain the data code as follows:

    data = urllib2.urlopen(url).read()
except Exception,e:
    print e
return data

Url parameter is:

http://sms.gildata.com:8080/sms/sendSms.do?content=Hello world&msisdns=18373239087&user=gildata2&key=804

The following problems occurred while executing the code:
HTTP Error 505: the HTTP Version Not Supported
online are urllib2 module does Not support http1.1 agreement, must carry on the processing of one sort or another, but I later found out that seems to be the url does Not support Spaces, I will Hello world this parameter Spaces take out, can successfully send text messages to come out, if it is in space can be used to add escape character % 20 instead of Spaces, you can also use % 0 a instead of a newline.