Start machine failed! Error code = 3 and error code = 21

ssdwin7 installation visual studio 2019, in addition to open a web page, finally crashed at the last minute…

and then ghost reinstall, a few times plug and then SSD disappeared…

buy SSD again, and then reload.

… It’s all foreplay…

today opened the hippocampus simulator ghost inside play, the results report error:

start machine failed! Error code = 3.

search all kinds of methods, find the official forum, all not good.

open the BIOS and turn on virtual technology. I can’t.

in the official website hippocampus apple community, search start machine failed! Error code = 3, searchid=10& orderby=lastpost& ascdesc=desc& searchsubmit=yes& kw=start+machine+failed%21+error+code+%3D+21

is not going to work either way.

deleted c disk program files under Oracle is also not good.


control panel will not unload the virtual box.


fix tool does not work.

reloaded the official full version of the virtual box, and then reloaded the haima play, the error code became 21. tid=43521& highlight=start%2Bmachine%2Bfailed%21%2Berror%2Bcode%2B%3D%2B21

start machine failed! For users with errpr cpde = 21 problem resolution
Win+7 or above, press Win+R to open the run dialog and then run the following command to fix it.
%SystemRoot%\ InfDefaultInstall. Exe “%programfiles%\Oracle\VirtualBox\drivers\vboxdrv\ vboxdrv. inf”
XP user or not doing the above, please open this path: %programfiles%\Oracle\VirtualBox\drivers\vboxdrv\, then right-click “vboxdrv. inf” and select “install”

from the right-click menu

is OK

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