[Solved] VUE-pdf Plugin use error: To install them, you can run: npm install –save core-js/modules/es

1.How to use

How to use Vue pdf   Pdf preview using Vue PDF plug-in

2. Cause of error

To install them, you can run: NPM install — save core JS/modules/es.object.to-string.js core JS/modules/es.string.iterator.js core JS/modules/web.dom-collections.iterator.js pdfjs dist/Es5/build/pdf.js worker loader! pdfjs-dist/es5/build/pdf.worker.js pdfjs-dist/es5/web/pdf_ viewer

Vue PDF encapsulates pdf.js. The reason for the error is that the upgrade of pdf.js package version is not compatible with Vue PDF version.

3.How to solve it

You can specify the version of PDF.JS

Run the following command:

npm install [email protected]

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