[Solved] VSCode package Error: Command failed: npm list –production –parseable –depth=99999 –loglevel=error

After VSCode package, there is an error report: command failed: NPM list –production –parseable –depth=99999 –loglevel=error appears. missing: vsce@^2.10.0, required by [email protected]

Note: this error pops up when I try to package the vscode plug-in

I found that many situations may lead to this error Command failed: npm list --production --parseable --depth=99999 --loglevel=error. Please pay attention.


After some troubleshooting, I found that the reason I got this error was because I started installing the vsce package in the current location, and then I decided that it was wrong and changed it to a global installation. Then, instead of uninstalling vsce from the current location, I just deleted the node_modules folder. The error occurred because the vsce package command was not executed correctly because it was not uninstalled and then deleted.



Reinstall the vsce package at the current location, npm install vsce,

Use npm uninstall vsce to uninstall.

Finally, you can choose to delete node_modules folder.


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