[Solved] ERROR Error loading vue.config.js: ERROR Error: Command failed: git describe

Recently, a front-end and back-end separation project was implemented using git clone. A problem was encountered during the front-end startup. Node.js was used    The NPM run serve command and the yarn run serve command will report an error when starting the front-end project. You have tried to download the dependent node that has been installed_ The modules folder and the whole front-end project still reported this problem. Baidu found the error: command failed: git describe — always, and did not find the corresponding article

Later, I finally found the problem and reported the error because of the environment variable problem of GIT

First, this is the wrong git configuration, which leads to the error: command failed: git describe — always problem

The following is how to correctly configure environment variables. Add CMD after the original path

Then, create a new CMD and enter yarn run serve to run normally. The problem I encountered is solved in this way

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