[Solved] uni app TypeError: undefined is not an object (evaluating ‘modules[moduleId].call‘) __ERROR

The project runs normally on H5. When it is debugged and opened with the real machine, the app reports an error and a white screen appears.

Scene reproduction:

If the route jumps to the toapproval page, the above problem will occur.


After step-by-step positioning and troubleshooting, the problem appears in the component of toapproval page

Firstly, the toapproval page is under the main business pages folder, but the workflowdetail component of this page is imported from the subcontracting pagesoa folder. This leads to a white screen in the business jump during real machine debugging. However, it is not so strict in H5 browser, so this problem will not occur and it is not easy to locate the problem.


If you find the problem, you can easily solve it. You can change the name of this component, copy it to the components folder, and import it from the components folder again.

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