[Solved] Springboot Project Startup Error: Unable to Identify bootstrap.yml Configuration


The springboot project I built myself reports an error when I start the project, but I can’t find the relevant configuration information. It is clearly configured in bootstrap.yml , and the application.yml I have been using before. Thinking that the priority of application.yml is not as high as that of bootstrap.yml, the bootstrap configuration file is definitely fine. , the result is that the project can’t live or die.

The SpringBoot project will only recognize application.* configuration files, and will not automatically recognize bootstrap.yml.
The bootstrap.yml configuration is only used in the SpringCloud project. If you want to use the bootstrap.yml in the springboot project, then you need to add the bootstrap starter.

Add bootstrap initiator


Since SpringCloud is built on SpringBoot, all SpringCloud projects are identified by both kinds of files, and it is only at this time that there is a priority statement that SpringCloud projects are given priority to read bootstrap configuration in reading application configuration.
SpringCloud applications are run based on the context of bootstrap.

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