[Solved] Pyinstaller Package and Run Error: RuntimeError: Unable to open/read ui device

Just made a Python program to calculate body mass index BMI, and used Pyside6 to draw the user interface. When using auto-py-exe ( auto-py-to-exe is based on pyinstaller, compared to pyinstaller, it has more GUI interface, which makes it easier to use. for simplicity). After packaging, click main.exe, but it prompts an error: RuntimeError: Unable to open/read ui device. Repeated debugging does not know where the problem is.

At first, I thought there was a problem with the loading UI statement in the main program (main.py). I repeatedly modified the main program, and finally found that it was not the problem of the program.

class Stats():
    def __init__(self):
	    # loading UI file
        self.ui = QUiLoader().load(".\\cac_BMI.ui") 

Finally, I found that I needed to put the UI file into the packaged executable folder.

Put the UI file and the main program in the same folder, which is convenient for the main program to call.

Then double-click main.exe, has been able to successfully open the program user interface, and the problem has been successfully solved.

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