[Solved] PHP Fatal error: Uncaught Error: Class ‘Redis‘ not found in

The problem is that the redis class cannot be captured in the message

However, I have installed redis and used it in PHP code, but when I execute PHP jifen.php in Linux system, I report that redis class cannot be found.


First, determine if there are two PHP in your system.

find/-name php

Then find your current PHP Directory:

Use phpinfo () in the PHP file; Method, you can access it

My PHP files are at /www/server/PHP/73/

Modify the system environment file:/etc/profile

vi /etc/profile

Write the PHP environment address to the end of the configuration file

The PHP runtime files are inside the bin directory, so mine is: /www/server/php/73/bin/

export PATH=$PATH:your PHP address

Save, exit, and then run:

source /etc/profile

Restart the PHP file to use PHP jifen.php


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