[Solved] Linux Error: tar: Error Is Not Recoverable: Exiting Now

Under the Linux operating system, download the xx.tar.gz file and execute tar -zxvf xx.tar.gz. The following errors occur during execution:

xxx.tar.gz: EOF tar with exception in archive file: error is not recoverable: exiting now

There are two solutions.

Solution 1: remove the Z in the decompression parameters and execute the command as tar – xvf xx.tar.gz.

The reason for this scheme is that the downloaded file is not “filtered and archived through gzip”, so adding the parameter Z cannot decompress normally but generally, this problem does not occur when downloading from the official website. Be sure to download the full version from the official website.

If the scheme still fails to decompress normally, try the second scheme.

Solution 2: re download or upload compressed files

this scheme is aimed at downloading compressed files that are not complete, that is, they are not downloaded normally. You can download it again in another way. For example, after downloading through WGet, the above problems occur during execution. You can try to download it directly on other machines, upload it to the target server, and then execute the above decompression command.

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