[Solved] Hive 2.3.9 Error: Error: Unrecognized column type: UNIONTYPE (state=,code=0)

Import uniontype data into test table with CSV file in hive_ After serializer, use select * from test_ An error occurred in the serializer

Error: Unrecognized column type: UNIONTYPE (state=,code=0)

Hive version: 2.3.9

After investigation, this is a bug that hive JDBC has solved in version 3.0.0  :  HIVE-17259

I want to try to solve the bug without upgrading the version. Imagine using the bug repair code of version 3.0.0 in the source code of hive JDBC of version 2.3.9, that is, make the following modifications:

1. Find the corresponding version of hive JDBC source code on the Apache website and download it

Apache Downloads

2. Find jdbccolumn.java and modify it

Add two lines of code as follows:

    } else if ("uniontype".equalsIgnoreCase(type)) {
      return Type.UNION_TYPE;

3. Package and generate a new JDBC jar file and copy it to hive server

Navigate to the JDBC directory in CMD and use the MVN package command to package

After packaging, find hive-jdbc-2.3.9-standalone.jar and hive-jdbc-2.3.9.jar in the target directory under the JDBC directory, copy them to {$hive_home}/JDBC and {$hive_home}/lib directories respectively, and restart hiverver2:

Implementation after repair:

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