[Solved] Go language gob serialization pointer cannot be addressed Error

1. Error description

An error occurs when using gob serialization: gob: addressable value of type * big. Float


Serializing a data structure contains a map field, where value is the big. Float structure type

type SideBlock {
  Varphi map[string]big.Float

func (b *SideBlock) Serialization() []byte {
	var res bytes.Buffer
	encoder := gob.NewEncoder(&res)
	err := encoder.Encode(b)
	if err != nil {
		logger.Error("Serialization err : ", err)
	return res.Bytes()

Go version: go version go1.16.5 Darwin/arm64

OS: Mac OS BigSur 11.5.2

2. Error reason

The answer is found in issue:

He has a problem using URL. URL as the key of map

The problem lies in the pointer receiver of marshalbinary . If we want to use this structure as a key or value, we need to implement the marshalbinary method for special fields

personal understanding: when a map field of a structure has another structure instead of a pointer to the structure, it is a copy of the structure rather than itself during serialization, so it is difficult to address </ font>

3. Solution

Method 1:


package main

import (

type T struct {

func (t *T) String() string { return "" }

func (t T) MarshalBinary() (text []byte, err error) {
	return []byte(t.String()), nil

func main() {
	m := make(map[T]int)
	m[T{}] = 0
	e := gob.NewEncoder(ioutil.Discard)

Method 2:

Change big. Float into a pointer, that is, the field becomes varphi map [string] * big. Float

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