[Solved] VScode Error: build constraints exclude all Go files in syscall\js

When developing golang webassembly in vscode, an error is reported when importing the package. The code is as follows:

// main.go
package main

import "syscall/js"

func main() {
	alert := js.Global().Get("alert")
	alert.Invoke("Hello World!")

The error information is as follows:

could not import syscall/js (cannot find package "syscall/js" in any of 
	E:\Go\src\syscall\js (from $GOROOT)
	F:\go\Gopath\src\syscall\js (from $GOPATH))
error while importing syscall/js: build constraints exclude all Go files in E:\Go\src\syscall\js

The solution is as follows:

Open setting and enter go tools env

Open settings.JSON file, write in the file:

  "go.toolsEnvVars": {

Then reopen vscode.

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