[Solved] git Error: error: dst refspec v0.10.2 matches more than one

Problem description

If the tag and heads have the same name, an error will be reported

error: dst refspec v0. 10.2 matches more than one

Problem analysis

refs/heads/* is the branch name refs/tags/* is the tag name refs/remotes/* is the remote track name

When naming heads, it generally uses main, master, that is refs/heads/Master, refs/heads/main
when naming tags, it usually uses v0.1, v0. 2, i.e. refs/tags/v1.0

When you execute git push origin master, because Master is generally only in heads, not in tags, GIT can directly find the branch you want to push.

But here:

git LS remote the results are as follows:

61d10100326130d2eceee85167d5ec2d9970ebbe        refs/heads/seq_task
4ee9724f3a6a47134483e4955c688f4f34432ee0        refs/heads/simulastsharedtask
83e615d66905b8ca7483122a37da1a85f13f4b8e        refs/heads/v0.10.2
bdf09e1321a77252835550e84d73ad1bb3f3173c        refs/heads/xlmr_benchmark
3e5a2739bce92b2516d060959a1aa3dd51d221dc        refs/tags/v0.10.0
8a0b56efeecba6941c1c0e81a3b86f0a219e6653        refs/tags/v0.10.1
83e615d66905b8ca7483122a37da1a85f13f4b8e        refs/tags/v0.10.2

Twice v0.10.2 , corresponding to tags and heads respectively, so an error is reported.


    1. change the name of the branch’s heads or tags (the change method is Google). Push

git push origin refs/heads/Main: refs/tags/V1 with the full name of the branch 2 

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