Several properties of Android listview

First is the stackFromBottom property, after this property your finished list will be displayed at the bottom of your list, with the values true and false


The second is the transciptMode property, you need to track or view information in real time with a ListView or other control that displays a large number of Items, and you want the newest items to be automatically scrolled to the visible range. The control transcriptMode property can be set to automatically scroll to the bottom of the Android platform control (which supports ScrollBar) by setting

The third cacheColorHint property is that many people want to change the background to match the overall UI design, it's easy to change the background by preparing an image and specifying the property android:background="@drawable/bg", but don't be too happy, after you do that, you will find that the background is but when you drag or click on the blank position of the list, you will find that the ListItem becomes black, which ruins the overall effect.

If you just change the color of the background, you can directly specify android:cacheColorHint as the color you want, if you are using pictures as the background, then also just specify android:cacheColorHint as transparent (#00000000) on it!

The fourth divider attribute, the role of this attribute is to set a picture as a spacer between each item, or to remove the divider line between the items

 android:divider="@drawable/list_driver" where @drawable/list_driver is an image resource, if you don't want to show the divider, just set it to android:divider="@drawable/@null" and you're done.

The fifth fadingEdge property, with black shadows on the top and bottom edges

android:fadingEdge="none" set to no shadow~

 The fifth scrollbars property, which hides the scrollbars of the listView, is

android:scrollbars="none" and setVerticalScrollBarEnabled(true); the effect is the same, hidden when inactive and hidden when active

The sixth fadeScrollbars property, android:fadeScrollbars="true", can be set to true when configuring the ListView layout to achieve automatic hiding and displaying of scrollbars.

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