Record Stanford corenlp running all the time without error

Record the relevant contents of Stanford corenlp running without error

1. Detection method

NLP handles how to get the code for the cause of the error

from stanfordcorenlp import StanfordCoreNLP
import logging
# Use logging to monitor why errors occur

nlp = StanfordCoreNLP("D:\study\python\Lib\site-packages\stanfordcorenlp\stanford-corenlp-full-2018-02-27", lang='zh',quiet=False,logging_level=logging.DEBUG)
text = "Knowledge background in business management and related industry knowledge."


2. Reason analysis

“The main problem is that my java environment is 32-bit. The largest memory of the 32-bit Java environment is 4G. And the memory required by Stanford corenlp is 4G. That’s why the Java environment refuses to create a JVM, and that’s why the program can’t run in the end. ” (from a blogger)

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