Python: SVN deletes files on local and remote repositories

SVN command to delete files in local and remote repositories.

we directly deleted the folder in the local, SVN status check status, found that the local deleted file in front of an exclamation mark.


exclamation mark indicates that local files and remote files are in conflict. Because we have deleted the file locally, but not remotely. If we do SVN update, the directly deleted file will be restored.

for example, there is a folder named SB, we want to delete this folder on the local and remote warehouse and all the files in it

svn delete SB

after using the SVN delete SB command, you will find that the deleted file is preceded by a D, indicating easy deletion.

svn commit -m "Delete the sb files."

commit the folder SB on the remote repository will also be deleted. Take a backup before deleting the code!

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