Python algorithm for “anagram” judgment problem


“anagram” judgment problem

problem description

“anagram” refers to a rearrangement of letters between two words

e.g. Heart and earth, Python and TYPHON

for simplicity, assume that the two words participating in the judgment are composed of only lowercase letters and have the same length

problem goal

writes a bool function that takes two words as arguments to return whether they are anagram

solution 1: check


solution idea

check the existence of the characters in word 1 one by one into word 2. Check the existence of the “check” mark (to prevent repetition)

if every character can be found, then these two words are an anagram, as long as a character is not found, it is not an anagram

program tips

implements the “tick” mark: set the character corresponding to word 2 to None

since the string is immutable, you need to copy

into the list first


        def abc(s1,s2):
    s2_list=list(s2)  # str转换为list
    stillok = True
    while pos1<len(s1) and stillok:  # 循环s1长度的次数
        found = False
        while pos2<len(s2_list) and not found:  # 循环s2长度的次数
            if s1[pos1]==s2_list[pos2]:
        if found:
            s2_list[pos2] = None
        pos1 = pos1+1
    return stillok
if __name__ == "__main__":
    zzz = abc("abcd","dcba")

solution 2: sorting comparison

problem solving idea

  1. the two strings are sorted
  2. and compared to see if they are equal

program tips

  1. turn STR list
  2. sort
  3. turn list STR
  4. compare
            def Method2(s1,s2):
        # 字符串是不可变的无法排序,str转list
        # 进行排序
        # list 转 str
        a = ''.join(list1)
        b = ''.join(list2)
        # 进行比较
        if a==b:
            return True
            return False
    if __name__ == "__main__":
        zzz2 = Method2('ablc','lcab')

    solution 3: violent method

    problem solving idea

    is just going to exhaust all the possible combinations

    then sort all the characters that appear in s1, and see if s2 appears in the full sorted list

    , there is no code attached here, violence is probably not a good algorithm here

    solution 4: count comparison

    problem solving idea

    compares the number of occurrences of each character in the two words. If all 26 letters have the same number of occurrences, then the two words are an anagram

    program tips

            def Method4(s1,s2):
        c1 = [0]* 26
        c2 = [0]* 26
        for i in range(len(s1)):
            pos = ord(s1[i])-ord('a')
            c1[pos] = c1[pos]+1
        for i in range(len(s2)):
            pos = ord(s2[i])-ord('a')
            c2[pos] = c2[pos]+1
        stillok =True
        while  stillok and j<26:
            if c1[j]!=c2[j]:
        return stillok
    if __name__ == "__main__":
        zzz4 = Method4('ablc','lcab')

    , which is the best of the four solutions, T(n)=2n+26

    the solution relies on two lists of 26 counters to hold the character count, so it requires more space than the previous three algorithms. In this case, space is exchanged for time

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