PHP large file upload error 413: request entity too large [How to Solve]

1. Nginx configuration modification

1. Modify the Nginx.conf (/ etc/Nginx/Nginx.conf) configuration file, and add or modify the following configuration in http{}:

client_max_body_size 20m; 

2. Restart nginx

systemctl restart nginx

2. PHP configuration modification

Find the location of the php.ini file:

Method 1

Use the command whereis php; to view the php related directories, if you can't find the ini file in the listed directories, you can refer to method 2.

Method 2

php --info > a.log;
vim a.log, To view the output, you can directly search for php.ini and you will see the directory where the file is located. As the following screenshot.

1. Modify the php.ini (/etc/PHP.ini) configuration file, find the following configuration and modify it:

post_max_size = 20M  
upload_max_filesize = 20M  

2. Restart PHP FPM

systemctl restart php-fpm

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