OSError: [WinError 1455] The page file is too small to complete the operation. Error loading…

Complete error oserror: [winerror 1455] the page file is too small to complete the operation. Error loading “C:\ProgramData\Anaconda3\lib\site-packages\torch\lib\shm.dll” or one of its dependencies.

Scenario: Running the reid-strong-baseline model

Reason: The model is too large, and the system allocated paging memory is too small to train

Environment: windows10, cuda version: 11.1, pytorch version: 1.11.0+cu113

(1) Query your CUDA version:


(2) Query your own version of pytorch

import torch

Solution: Right-click Properties->Advanced System Settings->Advanced->Settings->Advanced->Programs->Change->Uncheck “Automatically manage…” (Define initial size and maximum size) (set here according to the actual available space, as large as possible) -> click “Settings” -> OK -> reboot

If the error is still reported after reboot, the possible reasons are: (1) the custom size is still too small (for example, I set 10G at the beginning, but still reported an error, and subsequently modified to 100G (100000M) to run successfully) (2) the batch_size is too large, you can adjust the size appropriately (for example, reduce 64 to 16)

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