Oracle reports an error and lsnrctl listening cannot be started

Connecting to (description = (address = (protocol = IPC) (key = extproc))
tns-12557: TNS: protocol adapter is not loadable
  Tns-12560: protocol adapter error
  Tns-00527: the protocol adapter cannot be loaded
2. Check whether/TMP /. Oracle and/var/TMP /. Oracle directories exist
3. Check the permissions of the current user trying to start the listener on these directories
MKDIR/var/TMP /. Oracle
MKDIR/TMP /. Oracle
chown – R Oracle: oiinstall/var/TMP /. Oracle/TMP /. Oracle
Chmod – R 01777/var/TMP /. Oracle/TMP /. Oracle
4. Run the listener to solve the problem:
lsnrctl start
5. If the listener still cannot be started, grant Oracle 777 permission on/tmp directory
chmod -R 777/tmp/var/tmp

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