[Solved] NPM run build package error: Ineffective mark-compacts near heap limit Allocation failed – JavaScript heap out of memory

1. Phenomenon

It has always been normal. Suddenly one day, an error is reported when packing. The key information is as follows:
ineffective mark compacts near heap limit allocation failed - Javascript heap out of memory
the details are as follows:

2. Solution

All kinds of data say that node memory overflow , and solutions are also given,
for example: – max_old_space_Size = 4096 and so on, but it doesn’t work for me. (if you refer to mine, it doesn’t work, you can look at the other methods mentioned above)
later, I saw a solution, which worked
1, CMD Global install increase memory limit
NPM install -g increase memory limit

2, CD enter the project directory and execute:
increase memory limit

3. Repack
NPM run build

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