Node.js Error: throw er; // Unhandled ‘error‘ event [How to Solve]

Original console output:

      throw er; // Unhandled 'error' event

Error [ERR_STREAM_WRITE_AFTER_END]: write after end
    at new NodeError (node:internal/errors:371:5)
    at ServerResponse.end (node:_http_outgoing:846:15)
    at Server.<anonymous> (D:\files\Web_videos\Node\server\app.js:30:13)
    at Server.emit (node:events:390:28)
    at parserOnIncoming (node:_http_server:951:12)
    at HTTPParser.parserOnHeadersComplete (node:_http_common:128:17)
Emitted 'error' event on ServerResponse instance at:
    at emitErrorNt (node:_http_outgoing:726:9)
    at processTicksAndRejections (node:internal/process/task_queues:84:21) {

Error reason:

The port number is occupied.


Modify the port number, or kill the port number and restart the project

How to kill the port number:

1. Enter the CMD command window and write netstat – ano|findstr “8080”

2.taskkill -PID 13512 -F

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