Nginx Error: Swap file “/etc/nginx/.nginx.conf.swp“ already exists

The error information is as follows:


In the process of writing, unexpected power failure, link failure, SSH client abnormal shutdown, etc. the server backed up the write operation, but did not write to the real file.

Editing a file with VIM is actually copying a temporary file and mapping it to memory for you to edit,   Editing is a temporary file,   Save the temporary file to the original file only after executing: W, and delete the temporary file only after executing: Q.

Each time you start editing, you will retrieve whether this file already exists as a temporary file,   If someone asks how to deal with it, the above situation will appear.

Workaround – delete temporary files

Select the temporary file path and right-click copy.

Enter Q again to exit

Delete temporary files. Execute the following command:

rm -rf /etc/nginx/.nginx.conf.swp

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