How to Solve golang test Error: # command-line-arguments [command-line-arguments.test]

Project scenario:

xxx.go xxx_unit test and code of test.go are open. The code is not in gopath and the project root set by idea.


Gopath:/users/ZYJ/go project root:/users/ZYJ/study/demogo source file:/users/ZYJ/study/demo/go/SRC/xxx_ test.go

Problem Description:

xxx.go xxx_test.go is stored separately   xxx_test.go compilation error

command-line-arguments [command-line-arguments.test]

Cause analysis:

Go test XXX executed by golang IDE_test.go runs as file by default and does not import dependent files. You need to actively import dependencies

Usually: the project is in gopath or project root directory, and the dependency can be found normally


go test -v xxxx.go xxxx_test.go

Golang ide multiple selections for quick operation

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