MySQL error: starting MySQL… The server quit without updating PID file

Today I updated MySql on the server. After the update, MySql started up and suddenly reported an error:
Then there are all kinds of Baidu, some say mysql directory permission is not given, some say the process already exists mysql and so on… Then I followed the experience of the big guys to try one by one, but, no effect! So toss about a morning, really have no way, finally reinstalled mysql. Thought this under the total should be good, there are any problems are reinstalled can not solve (proud). But as it turned out, I was still too young. Once again, he looks like the bird above!
If you look in the error directory, there is no And then I hit on the idea, isn’t there a file called copied a copy from my local computer, uploaded it to the server, and started mysql again. There you go! I kind of admire myself.
However, in order to be assured that I restart it again after mysql, ok, with reference to above, it is double Look again/WWW/wdLinux /mysql-5.5.27/var/ under hong. Localdomain. pid this file disappeared!
Calm down and think carefully, the file Hong.localdomain. pid actually records the PID of mysql installation, and the PID of my local mysql is definitely different from that of the server.
Edit /etc/init.d/mysql, find the start module, and add –user=root to mysqld_safe to

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