Memory error unhandled exception: 0xc0000005: read location: 0x00000

The original address: memory error an unhandled exception: 0 xc0000005: read position 0 x00000000 access conflict
Author: tracy_leaf

About 0xC0000005:

0 xc0000005: Access Violation error debugging –
1 “data out of bounds or defined pointer not freed.
2: Null Pointers are most likely. It is best to explicitly assign values before using Pointers! br> s>d be a pointer problem
3 “memory access error, check the pointer, whether empty, whether out of bounds, etc
Possibility 3 of
char * p; The
p = new char [number]. The
delete [] p; The
… The
// always using p… The
p = XXX; // access violation

char * p;
memcpy (p, XXX, number); // access violation

char * p; The
p = new char [number]. The
delete [] p; The
… The
delete [] p; // access violation

Null pointer.. Builder is because the cycle condition was modified to delete not to change back and debug for a long time.

in addition, a pile of damaged errors, too much is new, and not delete, then need to switch to GlobalAlloc to allocate memory.

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